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Link - I Wanna Really Sex Your Body Lyrics

Diffusé par Adcash
I knew from the moment that we met that I be the one to get you wet cause I
can see the passion in your eyes and baby the eyes never lie
(chorus) (verse 1) and baby you be callin me callin me callin me tellin me
sex you on the phone (and you know I'm on my way) and you be pagin me pagin
me pagin me waitin for you (reachings everyday) and you be tellin me, tellin
me, tellin me, that you're nasty and you got a lil freak inside (so I jump right
in my car) then you got me feanin, feanin, feanin, I'm feanin girl for your body
you can run but you can't hide (cause I wanna be where you are) (verse 2) and I
really wanna sex your body (repeat 3x's) and I really wanna, and I really wanna,
and I really wanna sex your body, and I really wanna (repeat 2x's) and I really
wanna sex your body (repeat 2x's)
Now I hope you got an open mind, cause baby my love is one of a kind,
so whatcha gotta do to make it right, cause baby it's gonna be a long night
(chorus) (verse 1) repeat 3x's then repeat verse 2 2x
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