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Hiatt John - Mile High Lyrics

I wouldn\'t trade your sweetness
For all the sugar in the world
Girl, and I know you\'ll always be
The sweetest part of me
These bitter tears we\'ve cried

All of the smack in Manhattan
Could not keep me high
Why do you do the things you do
To keep me loving you
Darlin\' I don\'t know why

But you are my mile high
Oh my

An altered state of being
Is what everybody\'s looking for
Surely they see whenever you\'re around
My feet don\'t touch the ground
Baby come fly with me

You are my mile high
Oh my
Darlin\' you are my mile high

Let\'s make this dance last forever
Please don\'t you ever say goodbye
Darlin\' I want to stay this way
Tangled up in the sway
Until the day I die

You are my mile high
Oh my
Darlin\' you are my mile high
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